Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Clean Green is committed to using eco-friendly products, reducing waste and recycling. 

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Environmentally friendly cleaning products

With our planet drowning in plastic, we all need to take drastic action to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. Of these, REUSING contributes most effectively towards a more sustainable way of life.

With our own eco capsule refill system, we strive to revolutionise the way we clean and help to ensure a cleaner planet for generations to come. Our eco capsule refill system allows us to continually reuse containers such as plastic trigger spray bottles over a wide range of cleaning applications. Each eco capsule contains the exact dose of a super concentrate to give an effective ready-to- use cleaner upon dilution. As the super concentrate is encapsulated in a fully water-soluble film, there is no need for cutting or tearing and no risk of coming into contact with the concentrate. Simply drop, add water, and shake until dissolved.

The products clean just as well as traditional chemical-based products. The products have been on trial with our own cleaning team of over 150 operatives in the South East of the UK on trial and the feedback is that they clean just as well as traditional chemical products. The products comply with all directives, regulations, and legislation.

Deep cleaning is often accompanied by chemical cleaning products, which are detrimental to the health of operatives and onsite workers. Wherever and whenever possible we use environmentally friendly products, as an example product, for cleaning bathrooms and sluice rooms we have a disinfectant whose main ingredients are acidic extracts from fruits.

Our products are non-caustic, non-phosphate, non-tainting, non-solvent, fully biodegradable and meet the BS EN1276 antibacterial activity test. We aim to recycle all plastic used, including refilling the Jangro containers, from our storage facilities.

We have cut down on the waste produced in our operations and consistently increased the materials that we re-use and send for recycling.